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Top 7 Highlights of Malta

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Top 7 Highlights of Malta

With its unique and fascinating history, its lovely landscapes, its all-year-round good weather, and its beautiful beaches, it is no wonder that Malta is the place to be where you can enjoy the most relaxing or the most exhilarating holiday that you want. The simple philosophy is that where you choose to go depends on the experience you want, and it just so happens that Malta has a unique character all of it's own.

The Maltese archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea is made up of  three islands: Malta, Gozo and Comino, with Malta being the largest island as well as being the administrative centre. Gozo is the second largest island and is particularly sought after for its tourism opportunities while Comino is the smallest island, loved for its tranquility.

The island of Malta is always in season and while you are bound to enjoy a mix of shopping, dining, beach and cultural experiences, there are some things that you cannot miss, simply because they are attractions which offer outstanding experiences. Many tourists to the islands go away having learned a new skill of which scuba diving is a popular choice. This is because Malta and Gozo are blessed with a clear and colourful underwater world.

Here are our Top 7 Highlights of Malta that are guaranteed to delight:

St. John's Co-Cathedral

Completed in 1577, the sheer colour, range of lavish materials and craftsmanship, particularly the heavily ornamental cathedral ceiling will leave you speechless. When you discover that some of the paintings in the cathedral took 5 years to complete, you get an idea of the sheer spectacle of this must-see world-class attraction.


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The City of Mdina

The City of Mdina with it's some 300 inhabitants is one of the highlights of any trip to Malta. This medieval walled town is a reflection of the Fatimid period dating back to 870 AD. The Normans surrounded the city with defensive fortifications.  Today many of the palaces are used as private homes.


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The Grandmasters Palace

The Grand Masters Palace today is a heritage site. Built in 1571, it houses the Office of the President of Malta and the House of Representatives. History buffs will be delighted with it's unique  history and character and collections of weapons in the Palace Armoury from the period of the Knights of Malta.


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Hagar Qim

For the culture vulture, Hagar Qim is a megalithic temple complex dating back to 3600-3200 BC, the temples are one of the most ancient religious sites on the planet. Small wonder that Hagar Qim has been recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, an area of outstanding cultural value.

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Mosta Dome

The Mosta Dome is one of the largest church domes in Europe which was built from 1833 to 1871. During World War II a bomb which didn't explode fell among an evening mass congregation, and a replica of the bomb is on display at a small museum which forms part of this historic church.

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Upper Barrakka Gardens

The gardens were originally as a recreation area to the knights of the Italian langue of the Knights of Malta, but were opened to the public in 1800. The gardens are located on the upper tier of St. Peter & Paul bastion, which was built in the 1560's. The lower tier of the bastion is home to the Saluting Battery where you can witness the firing of the noon-day gun. Visitors to the gardens are rewarded with splendid views of the magnificent Grand Harbour.


The Blue Lagoon

Tourists love Comino for its smallness and tranquility, and the Blue Lagoon is its ultimate draw-card. The exquisite and magical Blue Lagoon is the best beach in Malta, with crystal clear turquoise waters above white sand. The waters are so clear you can see right down to the bottom. The bay, surrounded by rock, is the most perfect place to swim, snorkel and dive. Story-book tourist boats will take you to this paradise which is a wonderfully safe spot for children to swim.

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