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Malta Weather

Located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, Malta has a typical Mediterranean climate. This consists of mild and showery winters, along with hot and dry summers. Malta enjoys almost year round sunshine and ambient sea temperatures. This is why it such a popular holiday destination and ideal for scuba diving. As with all sunshine holidays, ensure you have adequate UV protection when outdoors. The weather in Malta can be quite unforgiving in the summer/autumn  seasons if you are not suitably protected.


Temperatures tend to gradually rise with the approach of spring, with average daily temperatures ranging between 17°C - 23°C. Rain is very much less frequent during this period. Most days in spring are filled with pleasant sunshine and clear skies.


June to August in Malta is as you would expect, very hot and sunny, with temperatures averaging between 28°C - 34°C. During this time average relative humidity is around 73%.


Autumn temperatures can be fairly high to start, gradually decreasing. By October temperatures are mild averaging around 25°C daily.


Winter in Malta usually falls between December and February, with average daily temperatures ranging between 12°C - 14°C. This being said sunny periods are very frequent in the winter season. Malta does not experience snow or frost during this time.

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Weather in Malta

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