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Malta Nightlife

Everyone looks for something different when they travel. Some are on the hunt for exotic foods, others want to soak in the culture of a new city, while others are history buffs looking to expand their knowledge. Malta visitors are able to do all of the above when they visit, but there is something even more exciting that the island has to offer. There are certain things about Malta that attract visitors to this picturesque island. Visitors typically arrive excited to see ancient temple ruins, detailed cathedrals and beautiful beaches. While these are three of the island’s highlights, its best kept secret- what tourists should truly look for when they visit- is its vibrant nightlife. Here are just a few highlights of the Maltese nightlife experience:


Paceville has by far the most contagious energy when it comes to nightlife in Malta. Both locals and tourists enjoy partying here. However its nightlife is fast-paced and addictive, so if you go out in Paceville, don’t expect to return to your hotel before the break of dawn. There is an eclectic mix of nightlife venues in Paceville ranging from hip hop clubs to piano bars. While Malta has its own share of talented DJs and performers, it is also a world-renowned location to find popular European DJs. If that’s who you’re looking for, Paceville is where to find them.

St. Julian’s

While Paceville is an incredibly popular nightlife area, not everyone is into the fast-paced chaotic energy that is Paceville. If you’re looking for a more relaxed nightlife vibe, St. Julian’s is where to look. This area of Malta is riddled with relaxed cafes, karaoke bars and upscale restaurants. While it does tend to draw an older crowd, don’t be fooled- St. Julian’s may be known for its chilled atmosphere, but it can still get pretty wild.

Open Air Clubs

One of the most iconic aspects of Maltese nightlife is its open air clubs. These clubs are packed in the spring and summer months, as one can expect, but most are located in the rural areas of the island. Some of the most popular open air clubs are Gianpula Village, Aria Complex and Uno Malta, which has the largest dancefloor of any club on the island. Those looking to dance the night away under the stars will absolutely love these nightlife venues.

Isle of MTV

For the past 10 years, Malta has been the location of the world famous Isle of MTV music festival. Organized by MTV Europe, the festival is one of the biggest in Europe and draws in over 50,000 people annually. In recent years, this day-long summer festival has featured performers as big as The Chainsmokers, Wiz Khalifa, Jason Derulo and Jessie J. If you’re in the Floriana area in late June/early July, you definitely won’t want to miss the Isle of MTV.

Malta’s nightlife is truly unique and multifaceted. It has been expanding consistently over the past few years and now has a nightlife so intense that it rivals party islands like Ibiza. Whether you’re looking for a place to dance to house music, practice your salsa moves or sing your heart out at karaoke, Malta’s nightlife truly has something for everyone.

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