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The Island of Gozo

Few places on this earth can call themselves truly tranquil, however if you’ve ever visited the island of Gozo in Malta, you’ll find such a place. It is believed that people first came to the island from Sicily in 5000 BC. However nobody is fully sure and the history of the island is shrouded in mystery. Records do tell us that the megalithic temples at Ggantija, date back to about 3,600BC. Today these amazing and magical temples are a protected UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Mythology

Gozo has long been known as the island of nymph Calypso which stems from the poem “The Odyssey” by Homer, written around 800 B.C. Homer describes the island of Ogygia where Ulysses shipwrecked and washed ashore. The Goddess Calypso cast a spell over the fabled Greek hero to make him her immortal husband, keeping him imprisoned on the island for 7 years. However the God Zeus intervenes and sends the messenger Hermes to order Calypso to set Odysseus free.

The Island

The rural character of Gozo is what makes this island so special. Perhaps it’s the relaxed pace of life and the people here that draw many to the island year after year. A small island in the Maltese archipelago at only 14 km long and 7 km wide Gozo offers the its visitors a unique experience in its scenic surroundings. As part of the Maltese islands, Gozo is a place where you can relax and experience a different pace of life altogether. There is something about the island of Gozo that relaxes visitors as they take in the shimmering turquoise waters and blue skies. Gozo is ranked as one of the most popular island destinations in Europe.

The island's biggest asset is its diversity, and visitors to Gozo, can choose from a wide range of activities and attractions to satisfy everyone's tastes. Of course an island getaway is synonymous with golden beaches and Gozo offers the best. The beach at Ramla Bay is one such beach and has even been used in movies. The beach, popular with locals and visitors is a curved bay with rocky headlands and dunes covered in attractive vegetation.

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Major attractions include the historic fortified capital city of Victoria with its Citadel.The Sanctuary of Ta' Pinu is another must-see while you are visiting Gozo. It is a shrine to Our Lady of Ta'Pinu and dates back to 1534. The architecture is simply spectacular and visitors will be enthralled by the intricate and detailed craftsmanship. Gozo also offers some of the best natural attractions and hikers enjoy the different trails that take them over some varied landscapes and along the coast. There is so much to do between walks, boat trips, beaches and restaurants that you may find yourself wanting to return here again and again to recharge yourself.

To fully comprehend the island, a visit to the Gozo 360 Audio Visual Show in Victoria is a must. This gives visitors a spectacular insight into the way of life on the island as well as something of its history. Commentary is available in 15 different languages through headphones which each viewer receives on entry.

Diving in Gozo

If you’re into diving, Gozo has some of the best diving sites in the world. Diving here offers amazing visibility and most dive sites are less than 10 minutes away from where you are. The island's fabulous relaxed and friendly atmosphere draws divers from around the world. The island has great dive sites like the Blue Hole, Cathedral Cave and Double Arch Reef. Other dive sites include wreck diving as well.

The island can be reached from Malta by ferry, taking around 25 minutes or so from Cirkewwa Harbour and offers a range of different accommodation types. With villas, guesthouses, holiday resorts, farmhouses and self-catering apartments available.

The island of Gozo, relax, wander and enjoy. Tranquillity doesn’t get any better than this.

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