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Exploring The Maltese Waters

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Exploring The Maltese Waters


Malta and Gozo are a haven for divers, based on their unique topographic structure, the crystal clear waters which offer visibility up to 25 meters, the rich sea-life and fauna and of course the numerous wrecks scattered around the islands. The combination of caves, shelves and wrecks, as artificial reef habitats, provide a home for a variety of species in these island waters. Malta and Gozo is host to a large amount of exciting wrecks from World War II including the P-29 Patrol Boat, Bristol Beaufighter, HMS Jersey and HMS Maori to name but a few. There are a large variety of dives here to choose from with ones like the Blue Hole, the Blue Grotto and St. Paul's Reef being very popular apart from the wrecks

Some wrecks that have been scuttles now form artificial reefs and all offer perfect living conditions for a variety of marine life. Most dive sites in Malta and Gozo can be accessed for the beginner, more advanced dives require a boat. Check with your local diving school for details.


Snorkelling is an activity within the reach of everyone. Snorkelling can be done most anywhere in Malta and Gozo however we definitely recommend the Blue Lagoon in Comino which is one of the best spots on these islands. Snorkelling is an increasingly popular option for visitors to Malta and Gozo, with hotels and holiday resorts offering lessons and snorkelling activities throughout the summer. There is a lot of sea-life to be observed here, while snorkelling including starfish, mollusks, shrimp and a wide variety of fish including flatfish in the more sandy areas.

Whether its scuba diving or snorkelling Malta and Gozo has it all. You will have a truly wonderful experience in these beautiful turquoise Mediterranean waters.

Check out our dive site map for more information on dive sites throughout Malta and Gozo.





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