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Diving in Malta

With over 80 dive sites throughout Malta its relatively easy to see why diving in malta is so popular as a diving and snorkeling destination in the mediterranean. As many as 500,000 dives take place here each year. Malta, Gozo and Comino are well known as having some of the best diving locations in the mediterranean sea.

Most diving in Malta can be done from the shore and underwater visibility around the islands is generally very good. Most dive sites will have around 20+ metres of visibility. Off shore reef structures and amazing cave diving provide opportunity for some spectacular diving.

Common species of fish and other colourful marine life seen here are Grouper, Bream, Barracuda, Sea Urchins, Seahorses, Cuttlefish, Gobies, Parrotfish, Damselfish, Fireworms, Cardinal fish and Scorpion fish. There are many certified dive centers throughout Malta and Gozo . For a complete list of certified dive centers please visit the PADI website.

The islands are host to a variety of wreck dives including many from World War II. Wreck dives here include the HMS Maori, HMS Jersey, Beaufighter N, Bristol Blenheim, Hellespont and the MV Odile. With so many dive sites it can be hard to choose. To help you choose see our map of dive site locations below. All dive sites are marked as Beginner, Advanced and Technical dives.

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Dive Sites in Malta

  • P29 Patrol Boat
  • Um El Faroud
  • Exiles Reef
  • HMS Maori
  • Fra Ben Cave
  • Devil's Reef
  • Bristol Beaufighter

Dive Sites in Comino

  • The Blue Lagoon
  • Santa Marija Cave
  • P31 Patrol Boat
  • Crystal Lagoon
  • Inner Lantern Point
  • Alex's Cave

Dive Sites in Gozo

  • Ulysses Cave
  • Coral Cave
  • The Blue Hole
  • San Dimitri Point
  • MV Xlendi
  • Calypso Cave
  • MV Cominoland

Dive Site Locations - Malta Gozo and Comino

  • Beginner Dives
  • Advanced Dives
  • Technical Dives

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