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Casa Bernard

Located in the city of Rabat next to Mdina, Casa Bernard is a 16th century private family home and a delightful place to visit, with its beautiful architectural features combined with a rich and very interesting history. The name of the house “Casa Bernard” was chosen by one of its original owners, a French doctor named Dr Salvatore Bernard who was the personal physician to the Grand Master of Malta in 1723.

This Palazzo was recently and beautifully restored to its original splendour by the current owners Georges & Josette Magri, both retired teachers who have made this into a very warm,charming and welcoming home. Visitors to this historic palazzo are treated to a guided tour through this wonderful home with detailed explanations provided on the important pieces in each room. A visit to Casa Bernard is very much like taking a step back in time. This Maltese palazzo has quite a collection throughout, which includes paintings by leading artists, historic weaponry, silverware and engravings among others.

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As you are guided through the barrel-vaulted hallway to the various rooms in this historic house it gives you a sense of how the aristocracy of the time actually lived. Old stone staircases with sculptured balustrades, The Piano Nobile drawing room, sitting room, library, bedroom and underground are just some of the items to look forward to on your visit.

Tours through the house usually end in the splendid courtyard and walled garden which is typical of houses like this in Malta. It is also worth noting that Casa Bernard has won an award from Europa Nostra in the Special Mention Category. Further proof we think of why you should definitely visit this amazing historic home on your next visit to Malta.

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