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The Magic Of Gozo

Known for it's slow pace of life, rural feel and incredible scenery. The island is rich and varied, from ancient temples and fortifications to beautiful scenery. Believed to have been the home of the sea nymph Calypso, Gozo is a magical place to visit.


valletta photo

Explore Valletta

Malta's capital city is one of Europe's most unique fortified cities. Built by the Knight's of Malta in the 16th century it is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site with lavish palaces and churches. Valletta is a wonderful place to relax in and explore.

Silent Mdina

Once Malta's capital city, Mdina was the centre of the Maltese nobility and religious authorities. Today Mdina is one of the top tourist  attractions in Malta. It's quite charm, winding streets and amazing architecture and fortifications are worth exploring.


Diving in Malta

Over 80 dive sites exist throughout Malta, Gozo and Comino. The crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean ensure visibility here is usually very good at 20-30 metres on most dives. The Off shore reef structures, cave diving and some very interesting wrecks provide for some spectacular diving. Most dives in Malta can be done from the shoreline and dives vary from 12 -50 metres in places.

malta war museum

Malta War Museum

Hosting one of the finest collections of memorabilia from World War II and Malta's military past. Among the exhibits are an Italian E-Boat, anti-aircraft guns and the famous George Cross awarded to Malta by King George VI.


malta aviationmuseum

Malta Aviation Museum

Filled with exhibits based on Malta's role in aviation during World War II. The Ta' Qali based museum was once an RAF station and was noted as one of the most bombed airfields in the world during the second world war.

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